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The Grandpapa Deerhandler...Simply The Best

(Product # DHGP5468 - Contact for Pricing)

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Product # DHGP5468

Pictured is the patented pending left hand " Grandpapa" Deerhandlerâ„¢ Chute. The " Grandpapa" is simply the best deer chute to ever hit the deer handling market. The all new "Grandpapa" Deerhandlerâ„¢ was developed and designed to accomidate deer ranchers in this ever changing and advancing industry. The "Grandpapa" utilizes a hydraulic system to ensure safe, quiet and easy operation. The "Grandpapa" is perfect for the following tasks:

AI'ing, Tagging, Tattooing, TB Testing, Cutting or Scoring of Antlers, Hoof Trimming, Ultra-sounding Does, Semen Collecting, DNA Sampling, and Administering Medications, any surguries or procedures requiring the use of anesthesia



  • Hydraulic system for noise reduction and ease of chute operation
  • Cradle can be raised or lowered to accomidate different animal heights (fawns thru large bucks)
  • Opens fully for accessing 100% of the deer's body when tilted as an operating table
  • Narrow bottom half allows the operator to stand right next to the deer
  • Large round top to accommodate large antlered bucks
  • Tilts to put animal on it's side for hoof trimming or surgery
  • The deer is lowered gently in the cradle versus being dropped
  • Manual headgate makes headman's job extremely easy
  • Shoulder stops keep deer from escaping when headgate opens
  • Ceiling mounted backpress securely holds deer down in cradle
  • Full width rubber covered hydraulic floor
  • Available in right or left hand models.

How do you know if you need a right hand or a left hand model? If the deer's head is on the left when standing on the working side - you then need a left hand model. The deer's head will be pointed right if you require a right hand model.


  • Weight = 1200 lbs
  • Length = 105" open & 68" closed
  • Width = 54" OSM
  • Height = 102" required for tilting




Video Demonstration

Grandpapa Deerhandler

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