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Hire Experience

A successful deer breeding operation starts with the right farm and handling facility plans. It’s all about having the right type of gates strategically located and how you go about doing all the daily chores. Len’s 20 years of experience working with deer has given him the expertise to understand how deer respond to their environment. His farm and handling facility plans are designed to accommodate for the deer's elusive behavior and all other unique attributes.

Avoid Costly Pitfalls

The most common and costly pitfall is to set up a plan that isn’t efficient and has to be redone. By consulting with Len, you take the guesswork out of setting up your operation and gain peace of mind and confidence knowing your farm or facility plan has been tested, tried and proven to be efficient and safe.

Benefits of Consulting

Other benefits of consulting with Len are:

  • You get a thorough assessment of your farm and/or facility so all potential problems are identified and eliminated.
  • Your handling operation will be expertly customized to meet your specific needs.
  • Not only will Len assist you in designing an efficient, customized plan for your current needs, he takes your business plan and future vision into consideration so that expansion is effortless.

Save yourself time and money and book a consulting package with Len today!

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Buy Len’s new book, Proven Deer Handling Facility and Farm Plans, and half the price of the book is deducted from your next consultation session.

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Consulting Packages are as follows:

Consulting Package #1 - $450.00

Consulting by phone, fax and email for a detailed floor plan of a handling facility even within an existing building.

Consulting Package #2 - $450.00

Consulting by phone, fax and email to design a detailed farm layout showing location of all alleyways, gates, and feeding locations.

Consulting Package #3 - $800.00

Consulting package 1 and 2 combined.

Consulting Package #4 - $750.00 per day

Len on-site for a minimum of one day. (Per day fee plus expenses.)

Consulting Package #5 - $3,500.00

Consulting Package 3 coupled with a professional vision and 7 year business projection.




The common-sense approach to Deerstore working facility layouts and equipment is probably a result of Len's vast experience with Cervids and his willingness to listen to the needs of the deer industry and then incorporate them into his products.  He is enthusiastic and passionate about our future, and in my opinion has made significant contributions to our industry.

Dick Cain, Trophy Ridge Whitetails, Saint Jo, Texas, www.trophyridgewhitetails.com

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