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 The use of plastics on fence lines is an  excellent way of  controlling a deer’s environment. When it’s time to bring deer into a handling facility to perform the  various required tasks, it’s a lot easier to route deer towards your facility from their habitat. Black Deer Plastic creates that much needed visual barrier along the sides of the alleyway so that the deer aren’t distracted when moving toward the facility. The deer are only able to see whatever openings you’ve left for them and move into your catch crowding pen and eventually through your facility.  Between pens, the use of Black Deer Plastic can cut down on the amount of contact deer have between pens. Plastic fence barriers such as this along exterior fences allow for privacy and in many cases, predator control.

The following products work extremely well along alleyways, between pens and on exterior fencing. The following plastics must be installed on an existing wire fence or alike.

Black Deer Plastic 30 mil x 92” Wide x 250’ per Roll (Product # BDPL92250 - Contact for Pricing)

Black Deer Plastic 30 mil x 69” Wide x 250’ per Roll (Product # BDPL69250 - Contact for Pricing)

Black Deer Plastic 30 mil x 45” Wide x 250’ per Roll (Product # BDPL45250 - Contact for Pricing)

The following plastic works very well when installed  on panels constructed of a simple frame but having no wire.

Black Deer Plastic 70 mil x 96” x 100’ per Roll (Product # BDP8106 - Contact for Pricing)








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