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GG46Guillotine Gates

Guillotine gates work wonderfully in assisting in the movement of animals between pens, into alleyways or within handling systems.

Deerstore.com offers guillotine gates in the sizes shown below, but guillotines can be built to suite your specific needs as well. The following guillotine gates can be mounted directly onto a wall or any flat surface. These gates can be installed within a wire fence line as long as it can be mounted onto two posts.

Guillotine Gate - 40" Wide x 46" High Opening (Product # GG30 - Contact for Pricing) 

The following Guillotine Gates are to be used when installed within a wire fence where they aren't able to be mounted to a post (these guillotine gates require an additional infence frame). These guillotines can be mounted anywhere in a fence line.

In Fence Guillotine Gate - 40" Wide x 46" High Opening (Product # IFGG30 - Contact for Pricing)


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