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Luis_da_PonteLuis has been a part of the Delclayna team for over 10 years. In the beginning, his focus was on manufacturing the handling equipment. He was involved in research and development in the early years of Delclayna and helped the DeerhandlerTM to evolve into the safe and efficient chute it is today.

Luis' experience handling deer and manufacturing the equipment provides him with a wealth of knowledge to draw from when helping customers. He has taken his expertise into his position as General Manager and hopes to ensure all customers of Deerstore.com have a satisfying and informative shopping experience.

Not only is his experience helpful, his natural ability to think ahead, plan and organize ensures all Deerstore.com customer needs are looked after in a timely and efficient manner. With Luis on the job, the details of every customer's order are thoughtfully taken care of every step of the way.  

With a strong love for whitetail deer and fuelled by the belief that deer farming is not only viable but good for Mother Earth, Luis strives to assist the growth of the industry.



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