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Leonard Jubinville grew up with 11 other siblings on a mixed farm in central Alberta, Canada. An entrepreneur even as a young man, he was raising pigs, cattle, selling milk and training horses from his family’s farm. Later, he became a carpenter by trade and started his own construction company soon after completing his apprenticeship.

His farming background came in handy when he decided to venture into the newly government introduced deer farming industry in Alberta. Always up for a new challenge, he assisted in extracting whitetail deer from the wild to serve as seed stock for domestic herds, along with supplying his own deer herd.

He soon realized that good, safe and efficient deer handling equipment and systems would be required if a successful industry was to be built around the whitetail. Convinced the industry would thrive because the deer proved to so easily adapt to a farming environment, Leonard concentrated his efforts on creating his now highly recognized and respected deer handling equipment and facilities. He also created these within well laid out farms, which today he likes to call Nature Agri Parks because of their environmental benefits.

With anywhere between 200 and 700 deer on two different farms, Len had plenty of opportunity to handle many deer. This ensured that all equipment and facilities leaving the Delclayna Ranch were thoroughly tested.

While the deer farming industry grew in Alberta, Len served three years as vice-president, president and director of the Alberta Venison Council. He was also instrumental in initiating the formation of the Alberta Whitetail and Mule Deer Association. Never one to miss a learning opportunity, he also attended the World Deer Farming Convention in Ireland and accepted to become a delegate on a 10 day government organized game meat mission to Europe.

When the deer industry in Alberta collapsed under a burden of government regulations, Len remained loyal to the whitetail deer industry and continued to perfect his equipment. His commitment led to the creation and success of the patented DeerhandlerTM, which is sold and distributed through Deerstore.com.

With hundreds of satisfied customers from Yukon to Florida to Mexico, Len continues to operate Deerstore.com. He now often hires himself out as a consultant specializing in designing Nature Agri Parks with efficient deer handling facilities.

Len is a true promoter of the whitetail deer farming industry in North America. Always ready to share his ideas and experience, he eventually developed a Deer Farming Manual and began offering deer farming workshops and tours at his farm in St. Albert, Alberta. With attendees from Canada and the USA, it didn’t take long for other provinces and states to invite him to speak at their functions.

During his seminars, his wealth of knowledge is always delivered with so much enthusiasm and passion that it makes those new to the industry want to join while at the same time uplifting and empowering existing farmers.

Len remains committed to his vision of a vibrant and sustainable whitetail deer farming industry in North America. Believing in the whitetail deer and remaining focused on the bigger picture is what has kept him going during the good and the turbulent times.

An industry built around nature and our North American cervids will ultimately result in becoming part of the wildlife and environmental solution rather than part of the problem. Len believes the more Nature Agri Parks we can build in North America, the better chance we have at saving our planet and ourselves.

Today, Len is an expert in deer handling and Nature Agri Parks and is proud of his accomplishments and is confident Deerstore.com will meet all your deer handling needs.



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