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Proven Deer Handling Facility and Farm Plans - Only $249 USD

For years, new and seasoned farmers alike have sought Len’s practical and time-saving advice when handling the highly respected, ever-elusive whitetail deer.

In the industry’s infancy, many farmers wouldn’t even consider raising whitetail deer because they falsely believed the animal would be too hard to handle.

From the very beginning, Len’s experience proved otherwise.

With his over 20 years of deer handling experience, he knows WHAT WORKS and what doesn’t!

Popular Deer Handling Myths

  • The whitetail deer is too hard to handle.
  • In order to manage your whitetail deer herd, you need to dart your animals.
  • Whitetail deer can only be handled with the use of drugs.

With 20 years of deer handling experience, Len knows this simply is NOT true.

What Len has learned…

  • With the right handling equipment, any management tasks can easily and safely be accomplished on whitetail deer.
  • Taking the time to PLAN your farm and facility layouts around the whitetail deer’s natural behaviour allows you to handle your deer without the use of drugs.
  • GREAT layouts are KEY to successful deer handling experiences


Avoid making the same mistakes!

Far too often, farmers have sought Len’s expertise AFTER they started having problems. Len wants to save you time and money! Take his years of expertise and apply it to your farm BEFORE you run into any problems.

With his over 20 years of deer handling experience, he knows WHAT WORKS and what doesn’t!

I have known Len Jubinville for 12 years and have used and recommended his deer handling facility for the same number of years. Len is the best I know at facility design and layout. Because of his many years of deer handling he truly understands the flow and movement of deer thru a facility. Len Jubinville’s deer systems are second to none and are the only one I have ever recommended.


Robert Gegenheimer, Cotton Mesa Trophy Whitetail


That’s why he decided to publish this book of farm and facility plans. He wants you to have all the information you need to make decisions that will benefit you, your farm and your deer for years to come.

Plan for Success!

deerstore-ebook-coverOrder your copy of our new EBook - Proven Deer Handling Facility and Farm Plans. Visit our online store to purchase it now!

You need this book if…

  • You are serious about farming whitetail deer.
  • You are going to be handling your deer herd.
  • You plan on farming deer for profit.
  • You are new to deer farming and want to learn what you need to raise deer profitably .
  • Your existing farm needs some minor adjustments to help you better handle your deer.
  • You want to dart your animals less or stop darting your animals altogether and need to know more about handling deer safely.
  • You are ready to improve on the facilities you already have.
  • You are planning and budgeting your deer farm needs.

Proven Deer Handling Facility and Farm Plans for Whitetail Deer is the most economical way of benefiting from Len’s many years of deer handling experience.

In Proven Deer Handling Facility and Farm Plans for Whitetail Deer, Len has included for you his most effective layout suggestions, proven tips and techniques and helpful information to turn your deer handling days into SAFE and EASY experiences for you and your deer.

I’m READY to take advantage of this opportunity. Click here to BUY NOW and download your copy right now!

In this book, you will find:

  • Clear, well-drafted farm and facility plans
  • Proven farm layouts
  • Facility layouts only 20 years of facility planning can design
  • Over 30 facility plan layouts to choose from
  • Features of each plan clearly listed to help you decide which layouts work best for you
What he learned will save you time and money.
Download your copy and start learning Len’s handling secrets today.


Each plan comes with a flow chart that shows you how the deer move through the facility

Everything Len suggests and all plans included in the book take the unique characteristics and attributes of the whitetail deer into consideration. That’s why it works!

For years, Len carefully studied and observed how whitetail deer behave. He took what he learned and changed his farm and facility plans accordingly. Len’s plans allow deer to behave the way deer naturally behave.

Len Jubinville was involved from the "get go" on the design and installation of the system for our AI facility. He helped us with lane design and construction materials for leading our deer into the facility and was instrumental in making certain that the equipment that he sold us was laid out in a fashion that worked simply and consistently in our handling of the deer. The layout of the equipment and the building earned him the right to be honored by the 3 AMIGOS RANCH as HONORARY 4th AMIGO!


Anthony J. Campagna, 3 Amigos Ranch, www.3amigosranch.com



deerstore-ebook-coverOrder your copy of our new EBook - Proven Deer Handling Facility and Farm Plans

Visit our online store to purchase it now!