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The DeerhanderTM has evolved over many years of experience and customer feedback.

Our product line includes a Grandpapa, a Papa, a Mama, a Junior, and a Baby version, so all types of deer farmers can find what they are looking for at Deerstore.com.

The DeerhandlerTM leads the deer farming industry!


Delclayna Tunnel Systems

A well-designed tunnel system is just as important as a good deer chute. Our tunnel systems allow deer to move efficiently through the tunnels and into the DeerhandlerTM with a minimal amount of stress to the deer.


  • Tunnel systems are available for left or right hand applications
  • tunnel systems can be designed in endless configurations to suit your needs
  • constructed of metal and plastic for durability and sanitation
  • plastic guillotine gates or sliding gates are used between tunnels (the configuration of the tunnel system will dictate the placement of slider or guillotine gates)
  • all boxes come complete with rubber floor mats
  • hardened acrylic enamel paint
  • sound proofing on metal panels
  • molded plastic tunnel box caps to reduce noise and prevent animal injury (Part # TCS4056)
  • all box caps have full length cavity for lighting installation
  • view ports make viewing inside box easy
  • designed for ease of assembly and transportation
  • twoway swing gates help to move deer forward or out
  • slotted door panels make it easy to view or tranquilize deer
  • all systems allow for the installation of a TT4400 Electronic Scale in T1 Box

Grandpapa Deerhandler

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Anaesthetic Machine

Watch our video demonstration on YouTube:

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