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Ezi-Weigh 2 Digital Indicator with Loadbars

(Product # TT4400 - Contact for Pricing)

scale barscale

This Ezi-Weigh 2 Scale system is a must for the growing deer farmer. An effective and easy to use scale system can be one of your most valuable management tools.  You'll never need to worry when administering vaccinations or drugs (dosages are almost always based on animal weight). A scale can also be valuable when assessing the size of deer you're about to run into your Deerhandler™, this can assist the operator when selecting the cradle setting on the Deerhandler™.


  • Can be used with a 12V car battery or 230V AC adaptor
  • Auto Zero function, ensuring any accumulated dirt is not weighed
  • Hold function, retains displayed weight
  • Loadbars have a 4400lb. capacity and are water resistant
  • Reinforced cables to prevent damage

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