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Our Original Design

(Product # DHM8677 - $4800 USD)

Working_Side_Mama_Deerhandler Mama_Deerhandler Backpress_All_Models
The Mama DeerhandlerTM Working Side of the Mama DeerhandlerTM
with front doors and headgate open
The Backpress safely and effectively
retrains deer

Product # DHM8679


Pictured is the patented left hand "Mama" DeerhandlerTM Chute. The "Mama" is the original chute and the one recognized for having these convenient features and upgrades: our famous Backpress, our kick-panel protector and our built-in palpation cage. It's also the chute that allowed us to perfect and enhance the DeerhandlerTM chute concept. The "Mama" is perfect for the following tasks: AI'ing, Tagging, Tattooing, TB Testing, Cutting or Scoring of Antlers, Hoof Trimming, Ultra-sounding Does, DNA Sampling, and Administering Medications.



  • Opens fully for accessing approximately 75% of the deer's body
  • Upper half has sliding doors on both sides
  • A bottom door on one side for accessing legs
  • Side trip and lift floor lever or trip floor cable are all on operating side
  • New improved semi-automatic headgate makes headman's job much easier
  • One side of cradle swings open for gentle release of the deer
  • Shoulder stops keep deer from escaping when headgate opens
  • Built in Palpation Cage
  • Creep-proof chute entrance
  • Ceiling mounted backpress securely holds deer down in cradle
  • Full width rubber covered drop-floor with flip up panel kick protector
  • Available in right or left hand models.

How do you know if you need a right hand or a left hand model? The orientation is determined by imagining following the deer into the chute. If the controls are on the left, it's a left hand, and if they're on the right, it's a right hand.



  • Weight = 700 lbs
  • Length = 117" open & 87" closed
  • Width = 29" ISM & 36" OSM
  • Height = 77" closed & 79" open

Grandpapa Deerhandler

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Anaesthetic Machine

Watch our video demonstration on YouTube:

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