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Easy Load Hay Feeder

(Product # DHF45 - $249 USD)

Almost nothing attracts wildlife or pleases your livestock as much as good quality, fresh hay!

Black_Feeder_Vert._Empty Black_Feeder_Tilted Black_Feeder_Loading





 - Almost nothing attracts wildlife and pleases your livestock as much as good quality, fresh hay

- Protects your hay from the weather and the sun

- Loading of bale made simple

- Height of bale tub is adjustable for various animal species and sizes

- Tilting tub is self locking

- Minimizes feed waste

- Economically priced and freight friendly

- Assists in managing animal pecking orders when providing more feed stations

- Weighs only 45 lbs. without 4x4s (not included)

- Some minor assembly required

This Smartfeeder is a square bale feeder to be used by ruminants such as deer, calves, horses and sheep, to name a few. This feeder was developed with the knowledge that fiber is a crucial part of any ruminant’s diet. The provision of good quality hay is an excellent way to supplement an animal’s feed and provide much needed fiber. Many ruminants feed throughout the day eating only a small amount each time. By utilizing multiple feeders in a pen, one would be able to minimize problems associated with the pecking orders many animals display while feeding.

This feeder allows for easy loading of a square bale in a horizontal position. Once a bale is loaded it is swiveled, self locked vertically and is sheltered from the harmful effects of the weather and sun. Covering the bale in such a manner eliminates wastage of hay. The animals pull out the required amount of hay and continue to feed on the remnants which have fallen. Animals aren’t trampling all over or defecating on the hay, which leads to less waste. The height of the tub is adjustable to allow for easy feeding by smaller animals, such as sheep, right up to larger animals, such as horses and calves.

The Easy Load Hay Feeder is extremely light and can easily be moved to various locations. The best part about these feeders, aside from it many impressive features, is how freight friendly and economically priced they are. Many of these feeders may be placed on a 4x4 skid in order to be ready for shipment (12 – 16).



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